And it was pretty fucking awesome! It was at a small venue called the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC and here's the line-up: Dååth, Cynic, and the headliner, Dragonforce. Anyone who knows my musical preferences will know that I have a distaste for Dragonforce. I went to the show for Cynic, who are in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. Now, the line-up is about as strange and diverse as they come. Dååth is a reletively new band who play industrial death metal, Cynic (formed in 1987 went on Hiatus in 1994 and reformed in 2007) play an extremely unique form of technical progressive jazz fusion metal with some death metal vox coming in at certain times, and Dragonforce (formed in 1999 under the name Dragonheart) as you all know play a brand of massively cheesy power metal. About 75% of the crowd were Dragonforce fans (mostly brought from Guitar Hero no doubt) but the Cynic t shirts were there in large numbers too. Cynic being one of those bands who can pull in a crowd of devoted fans (like myself) from neighboring states. The show was great and each band expressed one of the 3 emotions a band can go for live: anger and aggression (Dååth), technical proficiency/playing ability (Cynic), and comedy (Dragonforce). So I got everything I could possibly ask for from that show and every band put on a great show. As soon as DF started up I had my arms crossed but by the 2nd song they had me into it, they were just so goddamned funny. Their mic stands had cup holders for their beer, the bassist made exaggerated facial expressions the whole time, the keyboardist ran back and forth on stage with his pink keytar, the guitarist made squinted his eyes and insinuated that Herman Li (lead guitarist) had a small penis several times, Herman started making wanking gestures everytime he got the chance, and ZP (the front man) was just nuts. I never took these guys seriously before, but now I have a new found respect for them. I see them as the AC/DC of power metal, the music is nothing amazing, but damnit they know how to put on a good concert and make you laugh. If they come around again I'll definitely go, with Cynic or not.

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