Hey guys, I know it's been awhile just been busy with school. Anyway I went to the midnight screening of the Wolverine movie and it was AWESOME, with the exception of a few flaws in which I will tell you now.

1. Fake Claws- while you watching the movie you can tell that Wolverine's claws are CGI. since this is the movie when he get's the adamantium claws I guess Marvel did this to make them new and shiny, but they made them TOO shiny which made them look fake.

2. No Blood- You think with all the slashing and impaling the claws would be covered in blood but there wasn't. Speaking of which there practically wasn't any bleeding at all in the movie, and don't just say "That's because it was rated PG-13" because we all know that's a bunch of bullshit and you know it.

3. Sibling Enemies- Apparently in this movie Wolverine & Sabertooth are brothers. Everyone who's read a Wolverine comic knows that they are not brothers, at one time friends, comrades but not brothers. If they were brothers they would have the same powers in which they don't besides their healing abilities.

4. Baraka Deadpool- I already know what your gonna say and I say shut up I don't want to hear your bitching. Seriously I've been hearing a lot of people bitching about this for days and I'm tired of your guy's bitching. I'll admit I not a big fan about this too but he's not that bad when you watch the movie. Although I would have like to see him wearing his Deadpool costume, but alas that didn't happen.

5. Good/Bad Stinger- I'm saying this to the people who leave the theater as soon as the credits roll and I quote "DON'T LEAVE UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS ARE OVER." There are 3 stingers that's right count them 3, but you only get to see 2 of them. There is one that plays in between the credits and one that plays after the credits are over. there is a 50/50% chance of whether you get the good stinger or the bad stinger at the end of the credits, I got the bad stinger if you guys were wondering. It's really a game of chance to get the good stinger it depends on the theaters so try going to a theater that has less Wolverine movies playing the theater would most likely play the good stinger instead the bad one.

Beside those reasons it's a real good movie and I suggest you guys see it at least two times just in case you get the bad stinger the first time. Now thanks to all the hype from the movie I am now hooked on Deadpool. I'm now gonna start collecting Deadpool comics just seeing what he's doing now and knowing whats he's gonna do in a few months is making me more hooked on than I'm already am. So I'll see you guys next time right now I have to get ready for my exams as well as prepare for A-kon.