….all that work done and I can’t even seem to remember. Maybe it’s that I simply don’t know, though I should.
There are no dates in my head, no they are just images. Images of all the work I did for them, the four that are now three. Every command, every order, followed to the letter; never to fail them. But why, I now ask, why do I follow them? At the time I thought it was because I had to, it was my duty, now I realize I just simply wanted too.

How it all started it is there, just not the when and the where of it.
Being held down by two men, a third with a knife, ordering to know where my wallet it. Yes, I was being mugged. I was average then; that I know of for sure, and I couldn’t respond to the man out of fear. I thought I had seen something on the man’s chest, of course I was more worried of the fact that I was about to get stabbed.

There was a black aura around the man’s heart; he stopped his arm just before stabbing me. He had a heart attack and died. At the time I was just grateful for my luck; the other two men grabbed their friend and ran off. I was saved by him that day, and I don’t know why.

I’ll skip right along, since I don’t remember anything else until that bloodshed battle I was in as a Corporal in his army. We were in the desert; Sgt. Myers was leading my group as always, I wasn’t complaining. We were just patrolling the goddamn border like the treaty ordered, those bastards betrayed us, and doomed themselves. The explosion went off, Foxtrot was hit and killed. I hit the closest dune to me, pulled out my damned rifle and started digging. Pvt. Williams was shot down before he could even pull out his rifle, poor man. On top of a dune wasn’t going to do me any good, I threw the mask on and went under.

Lt. Baker briefed, we knew we were going to be attacked like this; we had to play stupid though. Myers got pulled out of the sand; he took down four of those bastards before they finally shot him to death.
I mentioned that this battle was a bloodshed, correct? Let me clarify, Foxtrot, Williams, and Myers were the only ones who died. Six more men in my group, those bastards brought fifty, and they moved in quickly.
It is after all, his army. I’m, sure you’re wondering who he is, but I dare not speak his name.

Anyways, I’m sure you sick fucks reading this want to hear details about the battle. Maytin went out first, I was right behind him. We jumped out and avenged Myers. It took them fourteen men shooting Myers at once just to take him down. It took the two of us seconds to bring down the remaining ten that killed him, all headshots.

The other five climbed out, I took two with me and we took up a dune to the right, Maytin took the left, Myers’ body was bait. Believe it or not they were scared out of their mind, it was too late for bombardments and they had to fight us infantry to infantry. Twenty-six men, that’s how many they sent just to check Myers’ body, of course we killed them all. As soon as they found out Myers was dead, we popped out, weapons on automatic, and sprayed the open sand basin that we laid the body in.
We had lost ten men in that battle, eight to a bomb strike. They lost forty men to infantry, a group of six men (seven including the four Myers’ took out). The last ten surrendered, so we shot them.

Oblivion, Omega, Doom, Anax Andron, four names to never forget.
Now, let me explain it all….
(To be continued.)