I just realized how old my last journal post was on here, I for one blame Facebook. Oh let's see, I've gotten addicted to TES 4: Oblivion (Got it for the PS3 due to a lack of PS3 games) again as well as playing an ungodly amount of CoD4. Outside of gaming it's been nothing but schoolwork really... but on the bright side of things, this should be the last challenging week of the year outside of finals as I took my AP Computer Science exam this morning and have an AP US History one this Friday, not to mention that we just finished State testing last week. Thankfully though, the large amount of tests haven't impacted my grade much as I'm still maintaining a weighted 4.0.

The whole college thing is really heating up here. I'm not sure if it's just the end of the year stuff or if I really need to get my lazy butt in gear. Mostly it has been activity around the extra-curricular stuff in general which I hope to catch up on this summer if I can get an internship at the city's IT Department.

I got a hold of a copy of the Windows 7 RC and I'm loving this thing, I have had zero problems with it. Seriously, this thing has a 40 sec boot time compared to the Vista install my family uses which has a > 2 minute boot. As for the Virtual Windows XP that Microsoft is aiming at businesses with legacy/XP only software, it's pretty nifty being able to essentially run XP alongside 7 but I have no real use for it as all my applications run with no trouble on 7 anyway.


I think that's about all that has happened for like 2-3 months. Looking forward to CoD: Modern Warfare 2 as well as ODST this fall, still anxiously awaiting any news on the new Ace Combat though.