Dani (5/4): Dude dude dude...forensic archaeologist. I keep my science background, take art history classes (i love them) and get to travel and do forensic work!
Me (5/4): Yay! I'm excited for you! :)
Me (5/5): Dani. What's all this about colorado state? m?
Dani (5/5): I had the option to go there and finish undergrad...my fam there offered to let me live with them. But i'm just lookin for grad school. U think i was leaving?
Me (6:11 PM): Hey, what are you up to? Wanna keep me company at the diner? :)
Dani (6:13 PM): I'm going out with my bible study in a lil. Till then i have to study for a final at 8 am tomorrow
Me (6:14 PM): Bleh. Have fun.
Dani (6:14 PM): Thanks. And sorry i cant meet u there

411911 (11:56 AM): UMD Alerts: First Wednesday of each month @ 11:55 am, the campus tests UMD Alerts, the Alertus System and Early Warning Sirens.

Me (12:29 AM): Ok, so I have my introduction. And I have no idea what to write next Haha
Grace (1:07 AM): Haha ohh geeze.. Any progress?
Me (1:08 AM): I currently have 205 words. Haha this is retarded
Grace (1:09 AM): Hahahahah oh god. I'm so sorry. I did basically the bare minimum. I think mine was like 1,065 or something. Any luck finding the passages and shit you wanna use?
Me (1:52 AM): Not really, but I've got sparknotes at the ready :)
Me (3:00 AM): 3 am: halfway done. I am going to pass out when I finally get to bed
Me (4:55 AM): 5 am: finally done with this retarded paper and ready to burn my copy of to the lighthouse

Christine (10:30 PM): What d'you want for your birthday? I'm gonna get you something before I visit Saturday
Me (10:32 PM): Haha, it's a bit late you know. Get me rocky horror on dvd, if you can find it
Christine (10:34 PM): Better late than never! I think I saw that at Target.

Riveting, I know. smiley1.gif That paper I was talking about was my last real assignment of the semester. My first final is next Thursday. Soon I'll be back home and making bank at my summer magic camp job. Exciting. smiley1.gif

But first is this weekend, which will involve the new Star Trek movie, Reduced Shakespeare, possibly a potluck, a Gamer Symphony Orchestra concert, a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcasting, Christine and possibly Andi coming down to visit, and the bottles of Smirnoff and Khalua sitting in my fridge. It's gonna be a good weekend. smiley0.gif

Who says I never update? smiley6.gif