With all the house-flood, broken glass, & fire nightmares going on lately, it has been a while. Some updates:

-I and my house are fine (so far). We live about a mile and a half from the closest voluntary evac zones, and about 2 and a half from the mandatory zones. We're pretty confident we won't be evacuated, given the fire would have to jump the freeway to get here. Lots of my friends have been evacuated and we're offering up our place until all these damned controls are lifted.

-Last this week, our house flooded due to a busted filter in our R/O system. This led to us putting some large furniture in our front yard. To make a long story short, the wind caught our bookcase and blew it into our front window. These last 10 days have been lovely.

-In addition, my girl has what seems to be the beginnings of a stomach ulcer. Thus, I have compiled a list of items she should/should not eat:

Cut down:

Decaffeinated coffee
Cola drinks
Carbonated beverages
Citrus fruits
Tomato-based products
Spicy Foods

Actually, it's a lot so I'll just post the link: Bad Foods for the Peptic Ulcer

Hope all is well with all of you!