My health teachers are making us read this absolute abomination of all books. It is called "When God Writes Your Love Story". It is the dumbest and most ridiculous book I've every been forced to read. The book is about how to make a good relationship, how to make it last, and how to set the foundations in God. Firstly, I don't care if you don't believe in God or not, just here me out.
This book tries to make you the most holy person on this planet by telling you that anything above holding hands is a sin and you'll be sent straight to hell for doing so before marriage. The other thing is that the book is written in a co-op sort of way, what I mean is, it's written by a couple and they alternate chapters talking about themselves and how much their lives really suck. The guy's name is Eric Ludy, and he is a WOMAN!!! He is constantly talking about how he is a loser, how he has no muscle, and how much of a girl he really is! I swear, I wouldn't be surprised if he said, "...and then I got pregnant..." Honestly, its a book for 40 year old virgins! (Sorry if you are one, I'm sure your a great person, I actually have a book that I might recommend.)
Oh and I have reason to believe this Eric guy is a pedophile, he's talking about him as a kid wearing something that is half an inch longer than a speedo and he says " Corduroy OPs hugged your rear end like Saran Wrap around a grapefruit..."
I hate this book, Im throwing a book burning party as soon as school lets out.