I'm back. I am indeed alive. I know I played an awesome disappearing act.

Hmmm, where to start?


Okay, so work has been going... Not well, not badly... just going. I mean, it's the Air Force and I am a fucking ground trooper. Think about it. Haha.

Between work and my social life, time is short for this type of thing. I have been getting settled into the area quite nicely. I just started going out with this girl who lives in Lincoln which is about an hour from the base. I just got back from a LOOONNNGGG night there ;-)

She is about as insane as I am. It works rather nicely.

It was pretty awesome. She is coming up to the base later this week.

Well, good new job wise is that we are going to 8 hour shifts on the 15th. NO MORE 14 HOUR SHIFTS FTW.

That I am on the night flight now. Nights are awesome! FTW AGAIN!

Man, never thought I would see the day that SF would be on 8 hour shifts. Damn... Haha.

So what are all you fuckers doing?