Rate me (I am copying TNT)

6 years ago

I am copying TnT completely but I thought it would be an interesting thing to do, considering I have never asked how good I am.
Scores: 72
K/D Spread: +154
Betrayals: 21
Batting Average: 54%
Scoring Average: 57%
Combined Average: 56%
Record(this is a rough estimation): 35-7

If you rate me and leave a comment as to why you gave me that ranking I will tell you 2 things you are good at and one thing I think you need to improve on.

Comments (4)

  • Go0dFeLLa


    6 years ago

    I meant to give you a 4, but my damn computer messed up and it showed that I clicked 3.
    I haven't really played with you much, (I actually think I've played with you once or twice) but what I saw was that you were pretty damn good.
    I might have to change my mind and bump you up to a 5 (if I actually could, lol) since I'm on CM's amateur team and we'll be playing against you guys A LOT.

  • SeanCohen


    6 years ago

    You deserve at least 4 in my book. I have always associated you in my mind as one of the players that adapts very easily into any situation/team. You are really easy to be on a team with, and even though that has really no affect on stats, chemistry really chooses the winner in the end (mostly). I do agree with armyman though, the whole west coast connecting problem can affect how you can play - but really the fact that you work against it and still play impressively just shows others how talented you really are.

  • armyman09


    6 years ago

    I put you as a 4 after all our games this season we all know your a clutch runner. And your a pretty decent tank also. Even though you are amazing the one thing that holds you, me, and ryker back is the fact that we all don't connect well to most hosts. Because a lot of teams we play are on the East Coast we don't connect that well and it hurts us so that's why your a 4. If this was neutral host i'm pretty sure you would be a 5.

  • YngNstyMan79


    6 years ago

    i put you as a 4. your a great player and have been playing grifball with you for a while now. you have great court awareness and have great patience with the sword. atleast when i play with you, you always get me with that sword. but your a veteran player with much talent. i always hate playing against your team. all those scrims we have are really close and playing you guys makes me feel like our practice was actually productive and not for the lulz.