Starting off we are your average stone age civilisation with farming and later on we get Bronze. Everythings great until the celts arrive and kill lots of people and take over in 200BC.
Some king goes to England and in 1169 brings over boatloads of Normans who slaughter our people and pillage our land.
For years we are ruled by the Brits who abuse our country as well as our women.
Industrial revoulution: we are all slaves we work in factories and live in bad conditions and everyone smells.
Every so often there is a rebellion which is crushed by the English
1916: A bunch of guys with nothing to do break into buildings around Dublin and turn them into strongholds the bright side we kill some soldiers and cause abot amillion pounds worth of damage and after executions of rebels everyone feels sorry for surviving rebels bad side loads of rebels killed
1922 after getting home rule we celebrate with........ a civil war (a war of people with guns and drunk on whiskey
Civil war ends and we realise the economy is shit
1950s: economy worse than an african ecomony everyone leaves to find jobs
1960sEconomy picks up
1970s economy gets punched in the face
1980s economy fucked
1990s Celtic Tiger
2000s everyone loves Ireland