Let's Face it, we Love Nazis, we simply can't get enough of them. People have gone back and forth towards the infamous Nazi Party in astonishment and utter Disbelief that a community of people such as these had brought upon an actual attempt at world take over. World War 2, what Comes up? Nazis. it was a Battle of good vs Evil but weren't the Japanese just as Vile? well, they were not Nazis.
when it gets right down to it we are fascinated by Nazis and their actions towards the world and their depiction as Pure evil as most see in Movies and books. Don't believe me?

we Have used Nazis in Video Games
Movies such as Indiana Jones ans Snow Dead and Countless War Movies and that Valkyrie Movie.
And there's really no need to mention the hit Musical "The Producers" which still gets sold out at Broadway for Tickets.
Nazis put a spark on everything and like it or not it's a fascination towards most of the population and it has grown into a like. Everything is cooler when you add "Nazi" to the equation