Wow, it’s been a long time since I have surfed these forums. Not that anyone really reads this but I will give an update about my life, that and my last journal is over a year old.

In the last year or so I have been through a few jobs and found one I really like. In September I joined the United States Coast Guard. I work at a Small Boat Station where we do SAR (search and rescue) and Law Enforcement. It’s pretty fun to spite the place I am in.

Another big thing that happened in my life was I got married. its only been since January but I love it...... people say I’m to young but idc what other people think.... I am having fun and its my life, I can do w/e. i have a beautiful wife but no kids. I don’t want kids till I’m about 27, another 7 years.

I still play World Of Warcraft when i can and some CoD time to time........ other than that i plan to start taking online classes to get a degree in "counter intelligence." well... thats all for now...

; )
-Have a Good Day