I had my last final today. It was pretty easy. I didn't even study much for it, I spent most of the day packing. After the exam, I got some food, sold my textbooks, and drove home. As I was packing up my stuff to take home, I realized that I have a crapload of stuff. I got it all in one car load, but it was kind of a pain. It was kind of weird seeing everyone moving out and seeing the dorm so empty. The drive home was nice. I left right at sunset, and it was a good one. By the way, I really like sunsets. A lot. Just thought you should know that.

This summer should be pretty much amazing. I'm gonna get a membership at the gym so I can start building some strength and endurance. I'm planning on trying out for DCI this fall. I'm thinking I'm gonna go out for Jersey Surf and The Cadets (I refuse to refer to them as Holy Name Cadets) and see what happens. I'm not a great musician, so I'm not expecting The Cadets to be too impressed with me.

Anyways, I've also got magic camp coming up in late June, which if course I am quite excited for. We've been having meetings to get ready for the summer, and it's reminded me of just how much I love working with those people. I'm gonna miss it next summer when I'm marching DCI.

Before magic camp starts, though, I've got a two-week job with an environmental firm that's doing a study on waste composition. I'll be sorting recyclables, which doesn't sound too exciting, but it pays $12/hour, and it's a great resume builder.

Also this summer: Rocky Horror! I joined a cast in DC that some of my friends started. We're doing a show every month, and our June show comes in the middle of the Capital Pride festival. So we'll be doing publicity at the parade, and we're gonna have a big gay themed show. It should be fabulous!

Hooray, life. How are you kids doing? You are still there, right?