Hey my peoples
I started work once again at ASRC Aerospace
for you that never heard of it, which i'm guessing is most its a company in the Kennedy Space Center
which for you guys that dont know, NASA is also a company there
they arnt the Kennedy Space Center
just a company that works with ASRC, USA, and many other companies
My company works on the new rocket program
The new rocket is called Aries
I know bad ass
That what the austronauts will be flying in to go to the moon and eventually mars

I'm a Drafter here, that means I help draw up skematics for that rocket program

Today I had to stand up in a room(no chairs left) for a meeting for 1.5 hours.
that really hurts. lol.

But got a computer and I should be assigned work rather soon.

I'm tired.....
well thats all for now.