So...since i have nothing better to do on this fine saturday night in Florida, i guess i will write about that image of the airplane i drew.. Tomorrow, or Monday I will write a detailed account of whatever happend in these few days in the the sun (???)state. But now, here's the info, very late i know...
1.adjustable thrust nozzle improves maneuverability+ provides support when landed.
2. wings are adjustable. They collapse whenever a sudden drop in altitude is needed. They have a rail-looking niche for the cable that suspends the special film (noted later)
3. very similar to regular turbofan engines.
4. can be equipped with large array of asms, aams, bombs, rocket pods.
5. anterior wing-like structure helps change direction of flight faster (mainly height)
6.Afterburner opens up from a cone to form a tripod to create one of three supports for the plane , even now,idk what when not in flight.
7.joint allows 360 degree rotation in y axis and about 90 in x axis;some z axis movement also available.
8. i have not the faintest idea why i numbered this.
9. mentioned before, but this part does the rotating.
10.the cable mentioned before slides in the niche creating more or less surface area as needed.
11. that film i was talking about. can vibrate sinusoidally carrying air in each of the troughs. Depending on the amplitude and period can create more or less thrust.
12. cockpit

hope u had fun reading all this pseudo-science =P