Theory: If I as human eat what's left of a zombie's brain, I will turn the Zombie into a Human

Fact 1: A zombie eats a human's brain and the human becomes a zombie.
Proof : We have seen this happen in how many video games and movies?

Fact 2: All Zombies are Bisexuals
Proof : The brain used for reproduction can be from a man or a woman. It doesn't matter to the Zombie, they will still reproduce parasitically. This mean all zombies are bi-sexuals since they use and hunt the brain of any gender.

Fact 3: Because all Zombies are Bisexual that means everything works both ways
Proof : Bow Chicka Bow Wow

Theoretical Proof: Since everything works both ways then the reverse of Fact 1 must be true. I eat a zombie's brain and he will become human. I am a genius!