Tomorrow will be my first flight in a turbine helicopter.

Some of you might not understand the significance, so i will explain. Helicopters have 2 categories.

Piston powered: slow, small, noisy helicopters that are used in smaller operations and for training because they are cheep to use.

Turbine powered (turboshaft engines): fast, powerful, often big helicopters, used by most major operators for everything.

It is a major turning point in a pilot's career when they upgrade to a turbine helicopter, and tomorrow i will get to pop my "turbine cherry"....

And just for some reference, here is the helicopter i usually fly right now:
R22 (2 seat piston)

The biggest piston helicopter I've flown to date:
R44 (4 seat piston)

And what i will be flying tomorrow (stock photo). I will get one of me with it before i fly:
ec120B (5 seat turbine)

Oh, and I'm flying it to Catalina island on top of everything! Tomorrow is going to be fucking epic.