So I finally got some new tires on (Kumho Ecsta 245/45/18) and headed to Hastings Motorplex (MPH) for an open track weekend and a few hotlaps. After a couple laps with a ginger right foot I was beginning to find out what this car is really capable of...

I now know why the 8 is called a true driver's car. For the first time I was able to experience the true sublimity and perfect balance of the 8's chassis. The feel delivered through the wheel, couple with the new tires of course made finding the apex of every corner a breeze. This car is truly for an inexperienced driver (like myself) who wants to make himself look like a driving god.

Oh and the power... it never went away. Due to the wide power band 3.5k-9k there was no throttle lag coming out of a corner.

Like I said, there was a definite learning curve, but I caught on quick. This car is a completely different animal in its natural habitat.

There were photographers at the track I'm gonna look through their websites and see if I can't find a couple pics of myself.