Summer's almost here, and as I was looking back on my school year, and the return of an old friend, I couldn't help but remember all the memories I've had of this place.

When I was first came to RT, I felt completely welcomed by the inhabitants of this strange place. It was strange to me because this had been the first internet site that I've ever been a part of, not even facebook or myspace.

So as you can imagine, I was fairly annoying and new to the way of behaving on the internet. I was posting rabbel, I had my caps lock button on 75% of the time, and I hade absolutely no clue of any of the internets memes.

But four great RT users befriended me, their names were Doc, Futal, Copy and Lonn, and us five were inseparable. Hell, we even made an internet site of our own which got over a 100 users signed up. And through them, that's how I've met most of the friends I have now.

Tragically, Lonn left the site for a few months and news came back to us from his cousin that he got into a car accident and sadly he didn't survive. We were torn, he was a great friend, and an all around good person, so we left his profile to become a tribute to him.

After that, most of the people that I first met on the site started to disapear one by one, either by computer problems, banning, or plainly getting a life. And I found myself alone, no one to talk to, so I decided to find more people I had things in common with. Comics and Movies.

That's when I stumbled myself onto the Comic Book Movie Thread. The thread interestingly had members of an exclusive group called The Comic book Movies Family Mafia, and the only way in was to get voted in unanimously by a selected few.

I had to get in.

Well... That was the problem, I was so eager to get in that I found myself being annoying and started to post things as if I had known them all along. I was unbelievably noobish. It was sad as I look back at the things I posted.

Hell, at one point I made some stupid scene where I threatend to leave for good. My god was I a mess. Then I came back, I just stood back, watched, and learned. Posted a reply here and there, and in no time, I was cured (I blame me being young).

A few months later, I was asked to join The Family, and got my own avatar and everything. It's what I wanted. Yet, something changed when I got in, I really actually felt like they were family, I felt apart of something, and I hope in the future I can get some memories from my time here.

In no time I started playing Halo, of course it's in my nature of finding a rival. And who was that person you ask?

JediPoet, he actually thinks he's better than me, HAHAHahahaha haha haha ah ha heh heh... heh...

So anyways, things were great, new site, new features, new shows, all those things. Plus I met nvrtrstCHEEZ, who I thought was the funniest guy in town. When he asked me to be the first member of his group, I was already thinking of ways to make this group the best. 7 months later, him, me, Bex and BW are admins of Team R@NDOM with over 700 members. Our threads are always active every minute, makes me so proud.

And here I am, your humble narrator with the end of his story. And I just want to stop by saying thanks. Thank you to everyone who's been keeping me company so I don't go crazy. So I stay here to keep making them witty jokes.

And trust me baby, I aint goin' anywhere.

See you when I see you and later days.