The whole house is now boxed for the move. They come to finish up and put everything in the tuck on Monday. Then I go with my parents to sign papers in Nashua NH on Tuesday. Then a hotel until July 16 or earlier if the house in Temple checks out. The VA(Veterans Administration best loan you can get is from them) might not accept it because the in order to get to the house we have to go through the owners separate land that he plans to sell later(confusing I know). That and none of the Utilities(Heating, Septic, etc.) have not been checked or cleaned in about 3 years. If any of them does not work properly I go to WA, I do not want to do that. If I do move to Temple, I plan to join the Volunteer Fire Department. Dangerous and hard, but it would look fantastic on a resume and for colleges. Gotta look ahead. That is all the news I have, but I might not be on for a week or so, maybe less. smiley13.gif