I decided that since people are reading my journal entrys I might try and keep you a little better updated than I have recently.

Firstly, they fired a crap ton of people at my work. My supervisor goes off to a meeting, and sadly just didn't come back. All told 24 people lost their jobs, I was honestly supprised at end of day when I found out that I am keeping my job. I was almost looking forward to getting fired, my brother already extended the invite to go live in the country with him, so I might have to quit.
Second to that, the debacle that I call my personal life is probably due for an update. So Kelly is the girl who told her BFF, who is my BFF's GF that she wants to be my GF. I think she's alright, but shes way into playing and watching sport, specifically football, and things like that, and I'm really really not... I much prefer curling up by the fire with a good book. So I asked her if she wanted to catch up this week, I don;t want to lead her on, but I really haven't spent much time with her, and maybe she's not all bad, regardlessly as long as I'm mates with linc and hailey, she'll be in the picture, so we might aswell all be friends.
And I told Leiza that I really enjoyed running into her, and that even after all of this time I still think she's an amazing girl. Her response was sweet, but not too encouraging. I believe her exact line was "I do really enjoy your friendship." Which is odd, because besides the party last weekend, I haven't seen her for a year... I mean if we were friends who enjoyed doing things her statement wouldn;t raise alarm, but since we don;t it might as well be saying "Fuck off" because girls use the friendship thing as an excuse to not pursue meaningful relationships all the time.
The only thing I have to say about it is... You shit me to tears.