6 years ago

She might have cancer. There is a growth on her front paw between her toes that has some “reactive†cells. They have to remove it and get it tested to see if there are mast cells. If there are, they have to remove an area of 3 inches which would mean the toe would have to be removed. smiley2.gif

I think we are going to have it done on Friday and then see what the test results show on Monday or Tuesday.

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  • mm172001


    6 years ago

    Awww I'm so sorry to hear that!! smiley2.gifsmiley2.gif

  • Stonesword


    6 years ago

    Hope your dog is ok.

  • fnbitch


    6 years ago

    She looks so sad!
    Everything will be fine. Hopefully yall found it quickly,and the docs will take care of it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for yall!

  • Mecatchfish


    6 years ago

    Picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Nat


    6 years ago

    Oh poor Jaxi!! I hope just removing the growth will be enough. *big hugs for Jaxi*

  • khefner


    6 years ago

    I wish there was a "+1 That sucks" button.
    I'm hoping the toe doesn't have to be removed. smiley12.gif

  • verykari


    6 years ago

    Poor puppy! Hoping this is the extent of her surgeries. And what a good mom for noticing early.

  • Jerk_Off


    6 years ago

    Hang in there dog!!!!

  • death5750


    6 years ago

    Poor girl.

  • HalfmileHorn


    6 years ago

    I hope it works out well! Our older one has a growth on her eyelid, she goes in right after the 4th of July weekend.