hey children! its syrix here, for the first time in a fair while. so to the news!

1, sorry i aint been around much, ive been lurking the CBM thread when i can, barely getting to post. life has been mucho hectic my friends, what with getting a new job, trying to put a writing portfolio together for a course im interested in, and the obligatory over indulgence required of a 19 yr old.

2, if you havent already, see I Love You, Man. very funny. The Hangover was pretty good too.

3. if you want my attention, facebook me! i check that all the time because its my main connection with my mates.

4. thats really all i can think of... just wanted to let y'all know im still runnin, and i miss the simple days when i just shot the shit with you guys. *epic sigh* they never prepared us for how crazy life would be did they?

Dave out.

Edited because i forgot to mention, all of you should listen to The Frames (great little irish band i discovered a year or so back) and Seasick Steve (a blues man i discovered just today. he's fairly awesome.)