Halflife Fan Fiction

Meet the Rebels 1:

Welcome to City 17... all these citizens... rebels... The people we know nothing about...
1 million of them... 1 million stories, this is one of them...

Joel Rosh Chapter 1: Experiencing the Experience, of City 17
This Man was part of the black mesa incident, He was the first and only person to actualy be save by the Military
After this, he eventually got captured, but fortunatly after the surrender of earth. On the train to City 17,
He encountered the combine Several times, Either Being Beaten or Interogated, He Got Caught Being in a restricted Area
After Being released a few months later, After getting home after an hour waiting at the Ration dispenser, He opened the ration and
Found a pistol that got snuck in by the rebellion with a message saying "Use this for the right reasons".... A couple days later, he saw
a Child being beated by 2 combines, Getting Fustrated he holstered his Gun, Aimed, and fired it, killing the 2 metrocops... a few seconds later, he realised
That they were gonna kill him for this, so he went back to his Apartments Getting some supplys and food, Now on his journey to escape... City 17

Joel Rosh Chapter 2: Escaping City 17
On the Run Joel Rosh Killed Many MetroCops, After coming across a base armed with a turret, and several explosives, he new he couldnt take them all on, he
had to plan a infiltration, After Several Hours of planning he had an idea, He shot a piece of wood which was supporting some explosions which happened to
be above the turret, While the combine were investigating He snuck by. After Several Hours of sneaking through the base undetected he found a Radio
Broadcasting the location of a barn Outpost, On arrival he was welcome, Got His Wounds Treated And got Resuplied. Later, the Combine attack the barn,
Defending the barn, Eventualy after the battle, Joel Rosh Continued on to Black Mesa East, On the way, he encountered a Vortigaunt Named Isroth,
who offered to accompany Him, Isroth Teleported Himself and Joel to Black Mesa East...

Joel Rosh Chapter 3: Black Mesa East Experience

Joel Rosh and His Companion Was enjoying there time and Black Mesa east, Playing Chess, Practice Shooting and Hand to Hand Combat, after 2 days of Living
There, They got Some Supplys and Went on Little Scouting Missions, On there First Mission, they had to scout around looking for more supplies and weaponry,
And they encountered a large ammount of zombies, after barricading them selfs in a small cave, Isroth Contacted Black Mesa for Help, After Several Days of
Living in the cave and trying to keep the barricades up, while shooting the zombies, some reinforcements showed up from black mesa, Upon return, They Patched
up and resuplied, and already out on another mission, to Assault a Combine Outpost. Joel and Isroth's part in the mission was to Infiltrate it and return
with Intel about the base. Infiltrating the base they scouted out, a Supply Shack, Some Manned Turrets and a 2 dozen Troops. Coming Back with Infomation
and some supplys, they were ready to assault the base, Joel and Isroths Job in the actual assault was to supply the rebels with ammo and support them with
grenades. On the Radio They Heard the death of 3 of there soliders and a Request for backup, Joel and Isroth Entered the combat zone, Shooting and throwing
grenades the the enemy. after finding the corpses of the rebels that called for help, Isroth Increased the Radius of the radio transmission they called for
help. After about 3 hours of avoiding combine fire, help finnaly arrived. and they Killed the rest of the combine, And after scavenging the base for supplys
they return to black mesa to see that it has been destroyed....

Chapter 4-7 in my Journal