Hi all, I am still on the road, no idea where though. So far I have missed three tornados (narrowly), nearly got ran off the road a few times by some bad truckers. Been in some nice hotels, nothing to fancy though. When looking around I often find my self dumfounded by the flatness of Minnesota and South Dakota. We have had a large amount of rain, and looking at the clods, they are very low. Meteorologically speaking that can happen, but they seem to be about 350 feet above the ground. When looking at the wind turbines it looks like they are cutting the clouds. It would be interesting to do a documentary of things that you actually see going across the country. It does not sound like much, but it often surprises me. The flat-ness of the country passing by me is rather mesmerizing. There are a lot of bad drivers though. If you had the time and the will to do a doc-I just passed a sign saying “Welcome to South Dakota, eat our cowsâ€Â…any who- do a documentary you will see there is more to this country than petrol heads and idiots. America is more than that; this country appears to be someplace almost magical. Looking out side, I see nice little rivers, trees, and many curvy plains. It is almost unbelievable. I hope that many of you will get a chance to see these things. And by the way, I just came out of Dunkirk Minnesota, “the spam capital of the world†with the only spam museum. So I got a spam deck of cards and a spam post card. Just for the record. I keep editing this, but I look out again ad noticed that the scene I just saw looks like something from Cars (2006). It really is that pretty. I do not really like this area at all but the scenery is magnificent.