Ok I'm gonna write 3 different journals in one here. So this might get a little lengthy. I kinda fell behind...lol

Its a long job I've had over the past 2 summers and now this summer as well. I enjoy the perks but I loath the many hours of sitting infront of the computer punching in numbers.
The other day I got to go to the launch pad shown in my pictures
Me on the launch pad
i could see it all, i got like 5 feet away from it at one point. It was a rush.

I had my UCF Orientation. It was long and boring. But eventually we split up into our individual groups and I ended up meeting someone that is going into the same thing I am, Digital Media. We even set it up so we'd have some of the same classes together. She has a very similar humor to me so we got along pretty well. lol. all and all it didnt trun out that bad after all.

Now one of my very good friends on RattyRay is going threw something today that is quite important. I ask for those of you that pray to pray for her or wish her your luck. She means alot to me and i'm glad to know her. She is one of those people I look to see if shes online right after I long on. And one day i really wish to meet her. I wish you well Kay, cant wait to talk to you when you get out.

well this journal didnt last as long as I expected it to. But thats for the benefit of you I suppose.
Good day to all.