So, today (technically yesterday) was the first day of magic camp this summer. I'm an instructor this year, which means that I'm the one in charge on the premises. It's a little scary, but I work with great people and the pay makes it more than worth the trouble.

Now, I'm certainly no racist (although everyone's a little bit racist sometimes), but it is very difficult when you have kids who speak little to no English with parents who have about the same ability. We have two Japanese kids who can understand you, more or less, when you sit down and explain things carefully to them. But it's troublesome to do that when you have 13 other kids to worry about. I'm not saying that everyone should instantly speak English as soon as they arrive in this country, I'm just saying it makes my life more difficult. smiley6.gif It took a few minutes to make everything clear to the mom, especially since the kids' names weren't on our roster for some reason. She also didn't understand what a tetanus shot is, so I had to use some pantomiming to communicate, but we eventually got it. Oh, and by the way? When the medical form says that you need the date of your kid's latest tetanus shot, LEAVING IT BLANK OR WRITING "UNKNOWN" DOES NOT HELP. Ugh.

Anyways. We've got a good group this week. They're generally quiet and attentive, and even when they get excited, they're not out of control. Looks like we're gonna have a pretty good first camp of the summer, especially since the company in general is a lot more organized this year. We've got schedules and learning methods and everything. It makes my life easier.

And now for something completely different: Rocky Horror! The Sonic Transducers' last show was a hit! I received compliments on my performance as the Criminologist, everyone else did a great job, as well, and the theater was packed both nights. For our next show, I'm playing Rocky on Friday night and the Crim on Saturday. I'm excited, and I am loving Sonic Transducers. Hopefully we'll continue to grow in size and perform even better. smiley0.gif

All in all, life is good. I hope all you lovely people are doing just as well.