Its been a while since I have written a journal on how shit is going with me, and I have some time now so I'll throw those of you who give a shit, and that douche bag who still has a hell bent desire to neg my shit, a little update on what is going on with me.

Since my last entry I have graduated my first semester of college. For those of you who arnt keeping up, I am enrolled in a Electronics and Computer Engineering 4 year program at a Penn State branch called Penn College of Technology. This branch is strictly for technical applications in industry, engineering, and fabrication. So far I have learned the basics and its going pretty well. I made alot of good friends, and alot of good enemies, all in all, I cant think of a better school for me.

Currently I am on my summer vacation, and honestly, there isnt much relaxation, I had a little bit of a late start because I took an extra math class in the summer to help get more credits done. Now I am working for Kimber Manufacturing in the Metal Injection Molding department. Its a very interesting job to say the least. I love the people, and its pretty easy going. I am learning alot and all the people I work with are great. Not to mention I get to work with my dad so thats pretty sweet. I also get a pretty good salary.

Now of course we must go to the part where all this professional style writing goes into the shit house and I start telling you about the bad shit going on.
In the last year at college I have been with one girl for 7 months. I met her in math, we talked, she came over, we fucked, we talked some more, and of course we became girlfriend and boyfriend. Shit was pretty good, I got it in whenever I wanted, she put up with me being an asshole, she cleaned my house, and she personally took it upon her self to apologize for my actions to other people. (which is like a 24/7/365 kinda deal).
Eventually she started getting to attached and she started becoming to clingy and all this shit to I broke it up. She started crying, coming over trying to talk about why we broke up, threatened to kill her self, lied about being pregnant, all kinds of shit. Anything to make me talk to her. So after a while of just fucking ignoring her she left me alone.

This all happened like 2 months before I was scheduled to end my summer semester, then I started talk to this one girl Brianne. She is of the legal age, shes cute, and in highschool. So of course a college guy that wants you and looks good is something that is right up her ally. We start talking, I tell her the usual shit, I care about her alot, I dont think of anyone else but her, she is the best thing in my life, I want my relationship to resemble "The Notebook" and OF COURSE I would take a bullet for her. (I mean technically that isnt a lie. I would, really, I would....if it was from a nerfball gun.)

So then I come home a week ago ready to start making plans. Up until this point we have just been texting, phoning eachother, facebooking, whatever. Saturday we go out to a local mall and we both get horny and start making out in my car. Shes a "new" girl so shes easily excited and starts getting crazy. After a crazy 2 hours in my car, just before Im due to take her home I decide to fuck with her and tell her that I have cancer and I olny have like 7 months to live. (To be honest I really dont know where I was going with this shit.) So she freaks out and the first thing she tells me is "Omg great, so now I dont want to get attached because I'll be a wreck when your gone". THATS THE FIRST THING SHE SAYS. Granted she wasnt the longest dick in the carnival but really? After about 15 minutes I tell her I was lying she gets pissed and I drive her back. Literally, 20 minutes after I drop her off at home she forgets and is into me again.
Anyway, moving forward. I look at the evidence presented since I started talk to her. The path that she was taking me on was the one that says "I like you and I want a relationship". now, mind you this was based on a bunch of shit. We literally talked everyday, we would tell eachother shit that was pretty personal, she admitted she REALLY liked me, she said stuff like "Your the perfect guy, you care about whats on the inside and not about sex, thats really hard to find." Yeah...I know.

So I asked her if she wants this relationship, and she goes "I don't see this going anywhere." Well what the fuck was I supposed to do, I'm not sharing a girl between other guys so I told her screw it. And now I am here typing this memorial.
The moral of this entire story is to understand that all women, no matter what they say, are liars.

Not olny that, but at any given time, if you look at a thermometer and there is a woman in the room, assume that her IQ is less than or equal to what ever the thermometer reads.

Like seriously, This is one of the few times, that I have been legit about a girl and she plays me like I did all those pervious sluts in the passed. I guess it just goes to show that I'm just alot better off being an asshole. I just really hope I dont end up with some illegitamate child that ends up being either mentally handicapped or a raging slut. I dont care if hes the biggest asshole on the planet ( I mean it doesnt have to fall far from the tree) but just those two are going to ruin it. Anyway, thats it. Thats all I have. Spend the rest of your day in sheer awe and shock, that a person like me can actually exist.