Here is anther journal that sounds really…made up, but passing through Montana is something…spectacular. It is amazing. It almost makes me want t cry. It is mind bottling, I wish I had a camera, I wish have so many great pictures. But there are really n pictures that can describe this. It is like Vietnam, you would think that it is a war torn, Communist country, but deep down, it is a fantastic country with great people, and so many indescribable things. I have never been there, but through a recent episode of Top Gear, it has made me realize how to look at countries. Yes, we are a war-mongering capitalist country, but you have to look beyond the standard political feuds. It is flat amazing; I really wish all of you can see what has happened t me, and this country. I have driven cross country (Las Vegas to New Hampshire) but that was a southern rout, where things are what the look like. In the north, you do not know what to expect, but deep down, you expect something plain, what this trip has taught (I think I spelled that wrong) is that you can never really be disappointed by what you see. Mount Rushmore, I was expecting it to be larger, But look around and you will see how amazing it is. Go out side, some place quite, and look, listen, smell, and do not think. For some of you that is not hard, but try. There are bad things in this world, but there is always something beyond that, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.†If I were to pick a place that I would go to again, not including New Hampshire, I would most definitely pick Montana. It would be worth going through the north of Montana. Just to get away from it all. It is truly majestic. Go out in the world, you might, no, you will be surprised. This is one of my most memorable trips yet. I am not even done with this trip yet, one more day, but it keeps getting better.