So today two of my good friends from high school came down to visit! Yay!

We decided that the day would be best spent in some sort of body of water, so we decided to float the river.

Amongst the fraternity boys and redneck there were a few cool people to conversate with.

Along the way we ran into a group of on leave army women who we made friends with. One kept trying to get my attention and proceeded to hit on me. This in no way bothered me i just took the compliment and we went on my way.

About 20 minutes later who did we run into again, the same ladies. Who proceeded to tell us that my admirer was becoming dehydrated (although she looked completely fine to me-beer in hand)

She then told me that i had to give her an IV....I laughed thinking it was a joke just trying to flirt. Until someone reached into their cooler and out comes a serenge, IV bag and all the other tools needed. She somehow wanted me to put this IV in her arm! Seriously!

WHAT THE FUCK.... I refused due to the fact that i hate needles that actually penetrate skin. But they went along with it as me and my friends went on our merry ways and I proceeded to have a panic attack. I looked back as we paddled for our lives not knowing what diseases this chick had, only to see her holding her own IV bag in the air in her tube.

Do i have some sort of freak magnet imbedded in