Halo 3 Sonnet

The Chief heads to Earth to finish the fight.
As a Spartan trained from age six to kill,
Even the Covenant can’t stop his might.
He must halt the Ark or all will be still.

The Covenant race to the human home,
Following the Great Journey they had planned.
*Here to find and activate the Ark dome,
And the rings that they do not understand.*

Under the African sand the Ark waits,
Powers more valuable then all gems.
The secret that it holds will seal doomed fates,
Yet it can protect those that it condemns.

Without Cortana the Chief still defends,
Like she said “This is the way the world ends.â€Â

The one thing that bothers me is the part about “Ark dome†because it is not a dome. I only put that in for one more syllable and a rhyme, and I have tried to make new lines to replace it with but they never work how I want them to.