So... Working heaps...

Partying hard!!

Today I had to tell a girl who had feelings for me that I didn't share them. Because... Saturday was my friend Haileys 21st party, she has been trying to hook me up with a friend of hers that I met once. So I come along to the party and all of her uni friends are there, the party is pumpin, me and my little brother look like pimps, and I try and talk to kelly, but she basically ignores me all night, so I end up talking to another girl because she's all into cyberpunk derivatives like me. Now I find out from one of kellys uni friends that she's told them all that we are a couple... despite the fact that I've only met her the once and we texted each other for about two weeks, the main content of the texts being "how you going" and the response "good". Now I don;t feel anything for her, at all. I don;t know her, every conversation I have with her is me talking and her responding with single word answers. Haily keeps telling me how much she likes me, but I've never picked up so much as a single signal of this from her. I tried to go out with her on at least one date so that I could at least know weather there was anything there, despite the fact that I had no phisical, or mental attration to this girl. So we met up for lunch today... kind of. I met her at Aussie Fair (For you americans thats 'the mall') for lunch only she had already eaten, so we walked arround a few shops and she didin't say a single thing to me in the half hour we were there, so that afternoon I talked to my friend lincoln and told him "I'm not going to try anymore... this girl supposedly likes me despite the fact that we don;t know each other, and every effort I make to get to know her she resists, so I'm just not going to try anymore." He suggested I tell her that I break up with her even though we have never been going out, so I told her "I don't want a relationship." and she called me a jerk.

With all due respect to women out there... "Bitches be crazy"