Saw Transformers last night.


Most of you know I'm going out of town for a week to visit my dad starting tomorrow. So being the kind husband I am, *snicker*, I decided to see it with my wife and daughter before I leave. The wife REALLY wanted to see it soon so we did and it was worth every second. A few things:

1. Optimus Prime is finally the take no excuses and fight till you drop Autobot he should be, and was in the original cartoons.

2. There is a little too much foul language in this one, it was not needed at all, but for some reason.....

3. President Obama made horrible and stupid decisions in this movie (yeah, I know, who'd a thunk it? smiley8.gif )

4. I need a new Camaro...only because a transfer truck won't fit in the driveway. Big Buddha ROCKS!

5. If you are going to have an autobot named "Mud Flap" it should not be talking street slang ebonics, he should have a Southern accent. Just my humble opinion.

Go see it, it is worth the time. 2.5 hours of movie, 2 hours of blowing things up!


Why is this not getting much news coverage?

With U.S. Withdrawal, Iraq Takes Ownership of Its War
The decision to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq's cities on Tuesday was made by Iraqis, not Americans. That's why the Iraqi government is holding a massive celebration to mark the redeployment as National Sovereignty Day. At the insistence of the Iraqis, the Status of Forces Agreement concluded late last year between the Iraqi government and the Bush Administration required that U.S. troops be out of Iraq's urban areas by June 30, 2009, and withdrawn from the country altogether by the end of 2011. Now, Iraqi citizens and the American forces hovering in the Iraq's countryside are holding their breath for the first stage of testing Iraq's ability to protect itself.

OH, sorry it was probably because of the bold sentence above. Credit can't be given to the current administration so its not nearly as news worthy as yesterdays news conference about changing light bulbs in the White House.


Leaving for NC in the morning to see my Dad for a week. I'm going to take my laptop and a fishing rod....maybe clothes but I'm not sure yet. smiley8.gif Going to relax, clear my head and hopefully see a few old friends while I'm in town. Adara is going with me but she will probably spend most of her time in SC with her aunt Shana (the wife's younger sister). I will be on and off but not much.

Later Taters,