Ok.. Well my Aunt Cheryl in Texas is going through some medical problems. Apparently she has a some kind of machine inside her that broke apart & is now being tangled into her organs & other tissues surrounding her heart. She's going in for surgery but the doctor only gave her a 15% chance of surviving.

Two years ago this August her husband Jesse passed away. And since then she has been raising her two daughters Taylor (age 15) & Savannah (age 11) by herself. Which has been a difficult task on its own. She has a friend Don who she's been friends with for quite some time now, who said he was willing to take care of the girls if the tragic happens. But she doesn't think she can trust him. Considering he has a vindictive ex-wife who is constantly trying to get involved. And her daughter Taylor doesn't seem to get along with his family.

So... I offered to go down there & raise those girls for her. She said no, she didn't want to do that to me... But I love kids & I love those girls & I would absolutely to ANYTHING for them. That family has been through so much it shouldn't even be real.

So I guess where I need my advice is A) Should I do this? I mean, I have no real life here... I'm not in school, I don't have a job. Moving would be easy for me... B) How do I convince my aunt that I want this. I want to take care of these kids. To instill the same priorities, lessons & wants that she has for them. To take care of them in the exact same manner that she would. And finally C) How do I raise enough money to make the move down there.

Please help if you can... It would be greatly appriciated. Thanks again...