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6 years ago

this rp is open to anyone even poeple i can't stand. but if said person want to join but there on my block list then get a friend of yours to message me.

The planet of hule in the huole system on the edge of a distance spiral arm of the milky way galaxy has been under the watch of the imperial forces for some time, with an small cadre of tau fire cast members in the high mountains of the north unknown and undiscovered. but without warning a warp storm erupted and engulfed the system ceiling it of from the rest of the galaxy as the warp storm erupted the cultists on the planet of hule emerged from the underground hides out and began launching planned assaults on the imperial fortifications causing the guardsmen to flee and many to turn to chaos, in seeing this the tau knew what they must do they would have to separate and join forces with any humans or any-other race they could find to survive this unforeseen event.

1: no overpowering, being god, godlike or any religious Deity
2: no useless spam
3: no rping unless your character is approved
4: no posting characters in the thread
5: no being offensive to other rpers
6: no killing people's characters when there offline
7: no rping other people's characters unless they say it is ok and i also know this
8: give recaps if asked
9: rp in the third person please
10: no being personal shit into the rp
11: please remain as active as possible in the rp
12: 3 characters at max [this rule is debatable for if you need more characters ask
13: if you are going to be gone for some time let me know so i will not ask you to leave the rp for not posting
14: if your character dies just make a new one
15: obey the rules
16: have fun

Name: [obvious]
Nickname: [what poeple call you]
Age: [how old are you]
Gender: [male, female or a mix of the two]
Species: [you can be any species so long as it is not all powerful]
Appearance: [what you look like]
Armour appearance: [what your armour looks like]
Primary weapon: [your first weapon]
Secondary weapon: [second weapon]
Side arm: [pistol]
Grenade: [the grenade you are carrying]
History: [what you were doing before this]
Trooper class: [what do you specialize in e.g if your a medic you can heal allies. if your a rifleman you are good with a gun but shit in close quarters ext...]
Personality: [what your like]
Likes: [what you like]
Dislikes: [what you dislike]
Other info: [anything i missed]

another interesting thing about this rp is that you can you with three other rpers to form a team [note a good team as a mixture of classes], and finally this rp gives more power to the rper for my roll is only to approve characters make sure there are no arguments and sort things out so i would watch the journal entry as there shall be polls posted so that you the rpers can vote on which directions the rp goes

the rp

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  • blackicee

    blackicee Mage of Zeal

    6 years ago

    Name: Brother-Captain Achilleus
    Nickname: Achilleus, Archie, sword and shield of the chapter
    Age: 395
    Gender: male
    Species: space-marine
    Appearance: he never removes his armour
    Armour appearance: Terminator_Wh40k_by_Allan_P.jpg
    Primary weapon: assault cannon
    Secondary weapon: none
    Side arm: storm bolter
    Grenade: none
    History: he was a standard terminator until he proved himself worthy in the 23rdchaos uprising he fought in many battles, always finding a way to survive, even surviving the glassing of a planet until one day he and his squad were claimed by demons he woke up on this planet determined to find his squad
    Trooper class: terminator
    Personality: distant until focused he is very determined and will stop at nothing until his task is finished, he has had so much experience in battle he usually only acts on instinct never talking during battle except to recite space marine ‘sayings’
    Likes: purifying worlds
    Dislikes: xenos
    Other info: completely xenophobic despising all aliens

  • ZombiePuppit


    6 years ago

    Name: James T 65
    Nickname: James
    Age: 26
    Gender: male
    Species: Shadow Being
    Appearance: vdfs0g.jpg
    Armour appearance: 5y6ulu.jpg
    Primary weapon: mif5ec.jpg
    Side arm: 4k7nfm.jpg
    Grenade: dmxi5s.png
    History:Was drafted as a boy and been in army ever since
    Trooper class:infantry
    Personality: fun loving
    Likes:the sky and cats
    Dislikes: fighting

  • mah_lazors


    6 years ago

    Name: Vera
    Nickname: None as of right now
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: Neko
    Appearance: Technical difficulties, wont show image unless I do this.
    Armour appearance: Again, technical difficulties
    Primary weapon: Claymore
    Secondary weapon: Dagger
    Side arm: Glock 17
    Grenade: Flair Grenade
    History: During the peaceful age of this planet, to be more specific when she was age 12, she had joined the military, sensing that something wuld go horribly wrong. She trained long and hard, forgetting her former life as an artist. She developed a strong sense of duty to the military and woul do anything to help. ANything expect flying a plane of any sort. She was a strong foot soldier and tried her very haredest to get to where she currently is and has earned a decent amount of respect umong the people she knows and the people who know of her. In her time working, she had killed several people and regrets ever doing so, even though she knew it had to be done. The most tragic kill she made was on her brother, sister, mother, and father.
    Trooper class: Brawler
    Personality: Shy at first but outgoing when you get to meet her, friendly, serious whe its battle time. At first glance, looks like a loner, also modest
    Likes: Animals and music
    Dislikes: Heights
    Other info: Theme song: New Divide - Linkin Park

  • BeatZERO


    6 years ago

    Name: Jerico B. Nero
    Nickname:Ero ((Jappenise for pervert))
    Species:Human W/ Mutation
    Armour appearance:dantegilgameshpsdjpgcopy.jpg
    Primary weapon:The Blades on his armuor
    Side arm:File does not exist.
    Trooper Class:Brawler
    Personality:Headstrong Cocky and Joker
    Likes: Girls Beer and Partys
    Dislikes:Teamkillers Bordom and Enemys

  • muzukei


    6 years ago

    Name: nicholai
    Nickname: hawk eye
    Age: 24
    Gender male:
    Species: human
    Armour appearance: DavegalagerVindicare.jpg
    Primary weapon: exitus rifle
    Secondary weapon: phase sword
    Side arm: exitus pistol
    Grenade: krak
    History: classified info only know to high inquisitors
    Trooper class: assassin
    Personality: calm and focused

  • Spawn_Kreed


    6 years ago

    Name: C.J. Hartman
    Nickname: The Kidd
    Age: 28
    Gender: male
    Species: bioengineered humanoid
    Appearance: Project_00390_Mk__II_by_Kidd_The_Flounde
    Armour appearance: General_Halibeau_Handiko_by_Kidd_The_Flo
    Primary weapon: VC32 Sniper Rifle
    Secondary weapon:STA11
    Side arm:M4 Magnum
    Grenade: fragmentation grenade
    History: ~//Classified//~
    Trooper class: Sniper
    Personality: Layed back,laxed,silent
    Likes: headshots,dead enemies,good music
    Dislikes: loud noises,misses,bitchy women,easy targets
    Other info:Never speaks to comrades unless it's direly needed.

  • spartan638


    6 years ago

    Name: Nitashi Yiroh.
    Nickname: Yiroh, Tashi, Soldier.
    Age: 28
    Gender: Boy-ish Female.
    Species: Human.
    Appearance: spartan6384a6134681b1c4.jpg
    Black hair, Blue eyes, Asian, A japanese tattoo that says 'Murder.'
    Armour appearance: Dr_Eggman478cdbe597232.jpg
    Primary weapon: Gatling Laser.
    Secondary weapon: 23rd Century Plasma Rifle.
    Side arm: Silver .44 Magnum.
    Grenade: Plasma Grenade.
    History: Unknown. Is known to be in the 'Lone Wolves' military tribe.
    Trooper class: Medical Healer, Leader.
    Personality: Depends.
    Likes: Her squad mates, A good bullet to an enemy's brain, Scotch, Guns, Men, Women, Many more.
    Dislikes: Too many.
    Other info: She can be a bitch at times but she only acts like one to get respect to her numb-skulled soldiers, which is working.

  • Tzer


    6 years ago

    This is my New Char Sheet.

    Name: Raphael Astaroth
    Age: 45
    Gender: Male
    Species: Adeptus Astarte ((Space Marine))
    Appearance: Never takes off his armor.
    Armour appearance:post-90027-1205171981.jpg
    Primary weapons: The Model .998 with a grenade launcher attached ((To replace the Grenade Field in the sheet.)), which is the most current Bolter in use, and is compatible with an M40 targeting system. It is fitted with a Godwyn pattern ammo counter and a Sinister/Dexter locking mechanism that accepts the standard sickle magazine (Games Workshop website). The Model .998 fires in 4-round bursts (Space Marine Codex)
    Secondary weapon: Missile launcher
    Side arm: Plasma Pistol
    Chapter: Battle Ravens
    Rank: Veteran Sergeant
    History: Was selected for the Space Marines program at the age of 11, and quickly rose through the ranks and got medals and badges quickly.
    Trooper class: Is a very well rounded Soldier.

  • RhysHughes13


    6 years ago


  • RhysHughes13


    6 years ago

    name: Rafen Ulnash
    Nickname:dosent have 1 just likes 2 be addreesed by his first name
    Age: 56
    Appearance: Always in his armour
    Armour Appearance:File does not exist. bolter look
    File does not exist. power sword and bolt pistol look
    primary weapon: Godwyn pattern bolter with mounted sight
    secondary weapon: ancient power sword
    Side arm: bolt pistol
    Grenade: krak grenade
    History: not known
    Trooper class: space marine veteran more specialised in long range, subsequent reason for having the sight on his bolter
    personality: level headed, trustworthy, good leader and strategist
    Likes: any1 who is fighting for the same reasons aas him
    dislikes: any1 who disrespects the emporers name
    Other info: is always meticulosy cleaning his wargear