Ok, so it's DEFINITELY been a monday.

Example: I realized that rather than taking out Pork Chops for tonight and Fajita meat for tomorrow night, I accidently pulled out two packages of fajita meat... so tonight was fajitas, tomorrow shall be Fajita Salads lol!

The good thing about this monday? It's almost over.

We were expecting rain tonight, so Sylo and I didn't walk. That sucks... since there's been absolutely no rain... oh well, maybe we'll walk tomorrow night?

Sylo and I have been playing our favorite facebook app (FarmTown). It's extremely addictive... I love my facebook. I really do. I know a lot of people don't, but I do. lol. It has given me the chance to get back in touch with people I havne't seen or heard from in YEARS. I have had to ignore some friend requests though lol, I'm sorry. If you hated me in high school, and the feelings were EXTREMELY mutual, why the fuck would I want to be your "friend" on facebook?? lol.

OR, this one's even better... If we dated in high school, and had a horrible break up because your a two-timing ass hole... why even click "add friend"???? You cheated... you lied... oh wait, I'll forget all that and we can be bestest buddies now... lol!!

Now, I do have to admit, I have one of my cooler ex-boyfriends as a friend on there, but we didn't really have a big blow out when we broke up... it was more of a "I'm 4 years older than you." and "You're really a little old for me, since you're out of high school and have bills and stuff, and I'm like 15 and in love with the backstreet boys." lol He's a nice guy though... Hate his wife, she's a heinous bitch lol. oh well!!

I have my hubby as a friend lol. (He is currently singing along with the computer while he finds friends he hasn't seen in years on facebook.) He's so awesome. lol.

Anyway, I'm gunna go dig around for digi-scrapbooking freebies...

I hope y'all are having a great evening - I know I am!!

<3 Penny