It's been forever! Literally!

YOU: How have yall been???????????? TELL ME.

The Trip: Well on Wednesday I'll be heading to London and then a few days later to do through Italy, Croatia, and Greece!!!! I'm excited but ya know how when the real....uum......realization (lol) hasn't quite hit yet? Yup! Hopefully i can upload pics I take on the way through my phone!

A Few Too Many.....Or Not Enough?: Well the next day after I get back will be my first day back to school and some MTV-worthy dramatics for me to try to keep at bay (Shotty, anyone?) and with me doped up on sleeping meds and dead-tired because the meds didn't take affect, I should have a camera on me because I'm it will be gold. Breaking into songs, lunging at people,oh you name it!

A Gift?......Maybe?: I have posted a bunch of my most recent drawing and hopefully I can get around to doing those Final Fantasy drawings I've been meaning to! Enjoy!

Seeyaz! ^_^