So I've been working a lot lately, it seems about 40-50 hours a week usually during the days, so it's not leaving me much time to do shit at night because most small businesses where all the best people and stuff are around here are closed before 6:00 and my five-year-old sister goes to bed at 8:30, 9:00, so if I'm not off work by 7:00, I don't see the point of visiting for just over an hour. I've been spending less and less time wasting my time now that I have less of it. I guess that's kind of common sense, though, why would I keep watching tv, playing video games, and spending countless hours on the internet when I should be hanging out with friends and practicing my music? But it seems I don't have a single minute to myself just to relax, even though I probably do a lot of that without thinking about it.

I'm rambling.

I've been working a lot more on my music, checking out different guitars, effects pedals, amps, and the songwriting itself of course, and the more and more I do it, the more it seems I know next to nothing about it. I wonder how recording artists from the 60's and 70's have better tone and soul to their music that I can't get out of modern technology and I mean like state of the art, brand new, expensive (to me) equipment that people are using to record for major labels today and it's really discouraging. But then I actually listen to most of the complete shit that today's recording "artists" are making today with pretty much equipment as mine and that's a big confidence booster in itself.

Half of my day consists of me thinking about music, everything from bands that I'm a fan of, lyrics, my dreams, how I don't practice enough to accomplish those dreams, and than the other half of the day is thinking about how people behave both in small terms, one to one, or as a society, everyone together, which leads to more lyrics and stuff like that. What the hell is this journal about. If anything, it's just an example of how scattered and random my own thoughts are.