working heaps, I had a performance review that lasted for like 5 minutes, wich was basically my boss saying "Yeah, you aren't terrible at your job". Then a whale watching company took all of the work guys out on the water, to say thankyou for all of the recomends we've been making, so that was a pretty cool day.

Oh yeah, and my little brother got so stressed out that he walked down to the hospital and checked himself into the psych ward. He's been inside for one week, when I visit him I talk to him like he's in prison, "Whats it like in the big house?" etc. I take him out a couple times a week on day pass. Through seeing what he's going through I realise that I suffer from the exact same thing as him, and I think everyone in my family does. It's like anxiety attacks. Josh gets so stressed out he cant think, my little sister developed fibro mialga (Phantom muscle pains) my older brother is a workahollic, my dad druggs himself into a stupor, and my mum is just nutty. Last night when dropping josh off at the nutthouse he told me that i'm the most well gronded person in the family, which is amazing because everyone expected the oposite with what I've had to put up with in my life. I told him "Everything that I do helps me deal with my anxiety." And I went on to explain to him how some people love me, and others hate me, because I'm honest and an asshole alot of the time. I don;t abide people being fake arround me, and even when I'm talking shit, I'm being honest to myself. If I cared what other people thought of me I'd probably become suicidal, So instead I don;t give two fucks what anyone else thinks about me, and everyday I remind myself how awesome I am.

Signing Off, your glorious leader, His imperial magesty,
Nick (The conquoror of the universe).