In a little less than 16 hours I will be (for better or for worse) saying my vows to the woman I love. Its been an interesting road getting to this point and I can honestly say that I've loved every minute of it. She is my better half, my true love and my soul mate. You can call me whatever names you want, but I believe that 100% and will believe that until the day I die. So if you have any negative comments about that or marriage as a whole, take them somewhere else, I'm not fucking listening!

We finished the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner a few hours ago and I can tell you right now that tomorrow is going to be a hard day to get through with a dry eye. If you've never been in a place where your friends and loved ones fawn all over you; and tell you how their world is a much better place because you're in it; and they're so happy that you're happy, then I can't express to you what tonight was like.

I did find out that my natural reaction to seeing someone else cry is to hang my head and think about happy thoughts to keep myself from crying. I think its partly the fact that I don't like to see other people cry and partly the fact that I'm just a great big fucking softie! I also realized that once I get choked up, in order to still feel like a macho man, I let out an ungodly Viking yell to cover my emotions. It doesn't always work though!

The most important realization I made tonight was the fact that even though I have a degree in Communication and know just about everything there is to know about public speaking... when I become emotional, my default conversation turns to making fun of other people. It really makes a thank you speech hard to give when every other sentence backpedals what you just said the sentence before.

That being said, I'm off to try and get some rest this evening. Tomorrow's going to be even crazier and longer. Plus, tomorrow evening I get to have sex with my wife finally! Fuck yes!

I have a surprise for you folks too, but I have to wait until later to show you. Stay tuned for that as well!

Michael out-