My weekend was quite eventful,
Friday i actually didnt do anything...

But Saturday I was working all day at the other house, lots of work...
but then me and my dad started building my entertainment center for my 27" and 47" tvs, my PS3, Xbox 360, surround sound, my movies and video games. Its looking pretty cool

But sunday was the most fun i've had in a long time.
I went with my friend Erin to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.
We got drenched in rain about 3-4 times, but it cleared up in the end so we could go on the dueling dragons 4 times and the hulk to finish up the day.
In Universal we went on almost every ride. Even E.T.
We went on most of the things at islands. And we had a really good time either way
shes a really fun person to be around, i'm glad i went

But now i'm at work, tired with my feet being sore, totally worth it.
and i go my ticket, which will work till December, so i can go back whenever

Just came up with this lyrics/poem thing
inspired by Valhalla

Men of ages side by side
March with valar, open pride
This one battle is thier last
Yet they're ready for trainings past

Looking onward to thier foes
the mass of people start to grow
this is the battle, this is the day
ready their swords, its time to slay

The mass of armies clash together
a storm rises from the weather
slashing, hacking blood is flying
people fighting people dieing

Years go by, armies dwindle
renforcments cannot be kindled
This is a fight to the death
the winner has the final breath

It's down to two of apposing sides
the last to swing will surly die
they stand to attention tired and weak
this is the moment they always seeked

They set there stance ready to fight
meet at the middle swords take flight
down to fist this fight must end
blow for blow but one transends

The winner, still unsure
they stand steady yet only one secure
one falls, now it is clear
no more to fear
just one more tear.

Tell me what you think.