So I get to the show for Jim Gaffigan, and my old 8th grade teacher was there helping out with the show. See, we hated each other, yet, he still felt it necessary to get me front row seats. Now, this confused the hell out of me, but it was coolio, so I made amends.

Now the show itself was absolutely awesome, most of the material was original, with a couple of new hot pocket jokes.

"I once put a hot pocket in the microwave without the sleeve, and my house blew up!"

I guess since it was a small show, he came out and talked to some of the people, and I got some lady to take a picture with him, but the moron was somehow able to mess it up, so I didn't get evidence.

That is, until I pulled out my secret weapon.

I decided it would be funny if he could sign this for me, which I took a picture of when I got back home:


It says "Philip Pocket!" plus his odd signature. Cool day was cool.