It's been awhile since I updated/kept in touch, but I have been living life... even if it has been a bit dull, I am enjoying it bunches. Matt came home from Airborne and we spent a lot of time hanging out. This past weekend, my friend moved back up to PA after 3 years of being gone. And, tonight, I FINISHED MY DIPLOMA. I celebrated by eating a warm dinner at a local restaurant with my friends (aka I was hungry and they wanted to get food too).

Right now I'm just waiting for the real job to start, so I am going to lay back and wait for Aug. 31st to roll around. Probably going to go on a few trips (oh I am really hoping that I am going to go on a few trips), and I am going to hang out with Matt lots (when he gets back from his week long family vacation), and I am going to watch lots of shows/movies on netflix (which is what I mostly do on XBL anymore; I need this break from video games).

And I am tired... Night all.