<TheMiNd> It has been decided that Thomas the Tank Engine is a veiled attempt at exposing children to communist ideals

<TheMiNd> Are you familiar with the show?

<ftr> TheMiNd: i am familiar with thomas the tank engine. why is it communist?

<TheMiNd> ftr: keep in mind that when you watch this crap over and over at work every day... it gets bad.

<TheMiNd> Anyway. Two rich people on the island. Sir Topham Hat and Mr. Percival. They and the drivers control everything the engines do.

<TheMiNd> The majority of the Island of sodor's transportation and freight is via rail. So the populace (and the engines) can only go where the ruling class allows them to.

<TheMiNd> Mr Percival, however, can go wherever he wants, because he has a bicycle. (and a guy that holds it for him when he's not riding)

<TheMiNd> The trains are brainwashed so that they are only happy when they are being "Really Useful" ... working.

<TheMiNd> They work all the time, getting no benefit from their labors. Sir Topham hat gets all that benefit, and he lives in a castle

<TheMiNd> The trains are given tasks that encourage infighting amongst them, so that they can never unite against their oppressors.

<TheMiNd> The freight cars represent the Proletariat. They are unable to move anywhere without an engines help, and usually try to cause trouble for the trains.

<TheMiNd> We were really bored.

<ftr> TheMiNd: this is possibly the greatest thing i have ever heard