I have spent the last 4 hours finding and down loading and croping and fixing and editing all the pics that i had lost when the computer i had got kifed...well not that it was my computer any way....
but still...i'm tired and frustrated...and i still have to organize them all in to files!

thats it i'm taing a break and Carrots and i are gonna colour in the new colouring books...nothing makes you feel better than acting like a kid sometimes!

plus Carrots has just offered to make a lemon merangue pie to make me feel better...i love this place!

once again i didnt fall asleep till 530am...it seems i've inadvertantly reversed my bodys sleep schedule...and it sucks...i spose it dosent help that i stay up and watch 5 episodes of true blood in a row now does it...well that and the curious case of benjamin button, which was pretty good

once again Chuck is trying to comandear my lap and play on the computer...what is it with cats and computers? While Psyker was here the kittens were addicted to his lap top...Harley Quinn loved to hang out on the keyboard and type random things...she also liked to sit on it...we were convinced she like to think her butt was making the laptop ding...it was odd and hilarious at the same time...

well i'm begining to smell pie and pizza...how amazing...so i'm gonna go help in the kitchen