Its off to bed with my already sleeping gf....hehe and then its time to take some furniture calls (fucking restoration hardware) but man o man if i had some serious money i would get restoration hardware furniture because im not gay but i still have great taste and i would love to have some of that furniture and items for me and gf's place

anyways good night and update on the car... my friend anthony fucked up the brakes by taking the line off which is when i told him..... you idiot you took the break line of the caliper assembly... which yours truly remedied but still none the less.... good thing im mechanically really coming into my own. FUCKING IDIOT is what i thought when he did that btw well ill get it done myself soon and also i wanna buy a 250cc Kawasaki ninja but my gf wont let me....... i think shes just afraid of things that and doesnt want me to spend the money but ehhh shes to fine to piss off even though i do already sometimes... lol but i love her so i wont.... FOR NOW