As CC09 was the first time I had ever attended the SD convention, I was very happy during my four day stay in Southern Cali. The weather was nice, the hotel location was convenient, and I got to attend the biggest nerd/geek fest ever.

I have to say that I was glad we came a bit late on Thursday. I didn't want to run into all the Twilight shenanigans; I don't really have an appreciation for being run over by eighth graders. The first panel we went to was the Capcom 2009 game lineup. I am very excited for RE: Darkside Chronicles, Lost Planet 2, and Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth. After that we watched some of the panel for Halo Legends. Cortana looks very odd as a drawing...

Then it was down the Capcom booth. Over the course of the three days afterward, I was able to play RE:DC, and I received a highly coveted zombie shirt, and I was lucky enough to win not one, but two of the Salamander Plushies that is a collector's item for LP2. One, I received in the LP2 panel, and the other I won by raffle ticket. I was able to meet the producers of LP2 and RE:DC and get their autographs. Kawata-san is very short!

And of course, I stopped by the RT booth, and said hello to our fav webseries cast. They all looked completely drained, poor guys and gal. However, they did all they could to ensure that the fans knew that they were appreciated so they signed DVDs and took pictures with anyone who would ask.

So with all my spiffy new posters and free crap, I have to somehow remodel my room without throwing anything away... I should get achievement points for that. All in all, it was a great experience, and I'm hoping I can go back next year.