here is my new puppy, he is a half husky half lab mix, he is 8 weeks old and i haven't came up with a name yet. if you have any suggestions let me know
here is a link to a few more pics

also i suppose i should hold an official sign up for the next contest.
the next contest is going to start soon so make sure to sing up before it kicks off. you can do so by leaving me a comment stating your interested in participating in this months sponsor contest.

1) It will be a "popularity" contest (using a poll to vote).
2) The poll will be open for one week starting on Friday and running for one week.
3) The prize will be a sponsorship to this site worth approx. $10.00 and a little star next to your name
3) The contest is only open to non sponsors.
4) If you are already a sponsor and you have a friend on this site who isn't feel free to sing them up and/or refer them to my page.
5) You can ask anyone of your friends, groups or random strangers to help you attain votes