Sooo hell week has begun...the only day i have off between today and next tuesday is tomorrow...
so we'll see what magic i can make happen in the kitchen...its not to bad today

Todays Menu ~
Marsala Dijon Pork Tenderloin Medalions
Annaversary Chicken: Grilled Chicken basted in a teraki and ranch marinade and topped with cheese baccon and green onions...(not my recipie)
Garlic Ranch Mashed potatos
Rice Pilaf
California Blend with lemmon pepper butter
French Green Beans with a basalmic vinigrette
Soup du Jour : home made minastrone

plus ive got like 10 special orders to make and i had the bistro lunch special to amek this morning...

Last night i was forced to watch a rob zombie movie marathon...yes hailee and mindy actually sat on me and made me watch house of 1000 corpses, devils rejects, and halloween...i'm deffinatly not a horror movie fan but they werent too bad...but still not my cup of tea...and tonight they want to subject me to texas chainsaw massicre...honestly what ever happend to a good hitchcock movie...seriously now

they days are getting rougher the more august goes by...i want to turn in my ballet tuituon and fly down to NC to see Andrew one more time but he said i shoud take class instead...ah chivlery...but still it sucks not having him here...i got so used to having some one to cook for and just be with, and now i really dont have motivation to cook at apt is trashed...not icky dirty just books and papers all over and a box full of clean folded laundry and a basket of stuff to go to the laundromat and honestly i have absolutly zero motivation

well i spose i've blown through most of my lunch break and i have to get in there and get cookin so i will talk to yall later...look forward to menu up dates and maybe i'll post some of my award winning recipies for people to try...just dont think your getting the secret to my ultimate french toast out of me

have a splendiforeous tuesday!


Kiss the cook! *mwah!*