Now, everyone's favorite host, give a warm welcome to BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG DADDY!!!

Thank you! Thank you! How's everyone's night been so far?


That's great to hear! Well, as you all know, every now and then I like to give out one sponsorship to a lucky individual, even if you already have a sponsorship, you can hold the winnings until your current one runs out.

Which brings me to the challenge.


The challenge is to draw the most random, funny, lulz inducing comic strip you can think of that has to do with the members and admins of TEAM R@NDOM.

Now you don't just have to draw with a pencil, you can do almost anything. MS paint, make it from an assortment of a bunch of images, blood, you can even use GMOD if you're crafty enough.


Well hold on there Billy. Last competition we got a huge handful of jokes concerning rape, lube, and things of that nature. So please, unless it's REALLY funny, don't scar us.


You can have only three entries per person, any more than that, and they'll get deleted. Post your entries in this news post.

The deadline is going to be August 14, it's a friday. So good luck everyone, and remember, be random.

Let The Contest begin!